An All-In-One Solution for Your Comms Needs!

From communicating to your whole congregation, or even ALL of your small groups and initiatives.

Replace the main features you use from major platforms and more.​

Everything Your Church Needs in One Place.

slack alternative platform

Slack Channels

From your staff, small group leaders, to your very own Church board, create public, private, and secret channels for all.

stripe alternative platform

Payment Wall

Do you have online content and events that require a payment wall? Create one for each your needs in it's own space.


you no longer need to place your content and weekly communications in different aps and places for your mebers to dig for

wordpress alternative platform

Landing Page

You have something happening everyday and something that is for every one in the family, have it all live in one place.

Other Platforms You Could Replace


• Job Postings
• Networking


• Paid Channels
• Private Channels


• Group Messaging
•Direct Messaging


• Ticket Sales
• Live or Online

A wise choice...

All of the Benefits that Matter to You and Your Church Family

Save Time

Consolidate all of your comms in one place

Save Money

All of your favorite features in one monthly fee

Stay Connected

Your Church is will not get cancelled or banned

Stay Secure

All of your information is secure and accessible

Kingdom-Minded Network

nickv network church prayer for woman

NickV Network provides a unique platform for churches to come together and collaborate on initiatives aimed at fulfilling The Great Commission. With this app, churches can connect, share resources, and support one another in their mission to spread the gospel and make disciples. Through the app’s interactive features, such as discussion forums, event calendars, and collaboration tools, churches can pool their efforts, share best practices, and coordinate outreach activities. This digital platform fosters a sense of unity among churches, enabling them to work together more effectively and reach a wider audience with the message of Christ. By leveraging the power of technology, the NickV Network App empowers churches to come together, strengthen their impact, and fulfill their shared purpose.

Your Church on NVN App

The ultimate platform for growth, scalability, and global networking. Join us for global community building, team collaboration, monetization opportunities, ticketed events, mobilization, and enhanced privacy and content security. Empowering churches, businesses, content creators, and individuals for personal and professional success. 

More Features and Benefits

Connect and collaborate with a diverse global community.

  • Ensure privacy and security for your community members.

Create dedicated spaces for your teams and members.

through push notifications or email.

Unlock opportunities to monetize your content and expertise.

Host exclusive ticketed events and boost engagement.

Through the use of exclusive AI translation and proofed by a real person

 No boosting, no canceling, no shadow-banning.

See how NickV Network Compares to major Community Building Platforms

download our comparison chart and see the difference.

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