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What you share with others should not be determined by an algorithm

If it’s important enough for you to share it, it should be seen by those you want to share it with. That means that when you share a photo, video, blog, or text post, everyone who follows you will see it.

Photos & Videos

Whether you upload your own pic or share a video that you love, enjoy having your connections see what you post.

Post & Blog

You could either create a text post or if you are feeling inspired, make it into a blog and Let the World read!


Direct or group, it's always a great time to start a worth-while conversation with friends, family, or potential connection.

what makes us different

Enjoy Being Social Again

Personalized Feed

Guess what? You get to choose what shows up in your feed. BY who you follow and what groups you are connected with,/


While we monitor the yucky stuff, rest assured your information and posts are protected on private and secure servers.


See everything you have chosen to see, not what others decided for you. You will not be bombarded, trust us.

Get Involved

Buying tickets to an event? Jumping on to help on an initiative? Or responding to a potential job post? It's all up to you!

Experience Social Media Again

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Unique Business Solutions

Tired of paying a per user license for your internal comms? We have the solution for you. Unlimited amount of internal users and broader social audience, and unlimited amount of groups: free, paid, or secret. It’s all up to you!

See how NickV Network Compares to major Community Building Platforms

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